Artemisia Absinthium Blanche


Artemisia Absinthium Blanche

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This limited edition and incredibly special Artemisia Absinthium Blanche is the result of pure alchemy. A complex blend of three distillates using our Oxford Rye Vodka base, the 21 botanicals, including locally foraged wormwood flowers, orange blossoms, rose petals, mint, yarrow and elderflower, were macerated at different temperatures and alcohol strengths to extract only the best flavours from each herb, flower, seed and root.

The result is a complex Absinthe, clear in colour and big on flavour; a floral nectar with herbal notes and a sweet anise delicacy.

This spirit celebrates the best of what our fields have to offer; the joy of biodiversity, tied to a time and place. It is our own interpretation of what our local Spring and Summer growing seasons have to offer. We used wormwood flowers harvested from the hedgerows of our distillery in 2021, yarrow and elderflower foraged locally and our Head of Farming John Letts’ own home-grown mint. The locality of both the grain and botanicals commit the essence of this place to a spirit.

The three distillations

Distillation 1: A pot distillation of different botanicals macerated at different alcohol strengths to extract the best flavours

Distillation 2: A second pot distillation focusing on the depth of anise and liquorice, bringing a nice yet shy louche

Distillation 3: A cold distillation preserving the freshest expression of the 21 botanicals in the recipe, macerating at different alcoholic strengths in freezing temperatures

The result of the three distillations is pure alchemy.

Serving suggestion

Enjoy with a dash of cold crystal water until it starts to get cloudy or use it to take your Sazerac to the next level.

To study its complexity, add small dashes of water and look out for the changes in the aromas and taste. Can you guess the 21 botanicals?

Please store your absinthe in a dark cool place, out of direct sunlight and warm temperatures to preserve its freshness.

ABV 65.2%